Forks Community Hospital

Forks Community Hospital: A Touch of Twilight Mystery


Forks Community Hospital, a modern medical facility nestled in the heart of Forks, Washington, offers more than just exceptional healthcare services. For Twilight fans (Twihards), it holds a touch of movie magic – the legendary reserved parking spot of Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

Not Quite the Cullens' Haunt, But Still a Pilgrimage Site:

While the hospital featured in the Twilight movies was a set created elsewhere, Forks Community Hospital offers a unique connection to the saga. The hospital administration, with a touch of playfulness, has acknowledged the Twilight phenomenon by designating a specific parking spot for Dr. Cullen.

A Photo Opportunity for Twihards:

This reserved spot, often marked with a sign reading "Dr. Cullen," has become a popular pilgrimage site for Twihards. Imagine snapping a photo next to the sign, indulging in the fantasy of Dr. Cullen's sleek silver Volvo parked in the spot (though in reality, any car can be parked there).

A Modern Medical Facility:

Beyond the Twilight connection, Forks Community Hospital is a well-equipped and respected medical facility serving the residents of Forks and the surrounding area. It offers a range of medical services, from urgent care to family medicine and specialist consultations.

Exploring Forks Beyond the Hospital:

Forks offers a wealth of experiences to discover beyond the Twilight connection. The surrounding Olympic Peninsula boasts breathtaking scenery, with opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and wildlife watching. Visit the Forks Chamber of Commerce for a map of filming locations if you'd like to explore the real-life settings used in the movies.

Planning Your Visit to Forks:

While the Dr. Cullen parking spot is a fun attraction for Twilight fans, it's important to remember that Forks Community Hospital is a functioning medical facility. Be respectful of patients, staff, and the overall environment.