Slough Trail

Slough Trail: A Tranquil Walk Through the Olympic Rainforest

Craving a peaceful stroll through the heart of the Olympic Peninsula? Look no further than Slough Trail. This easy, 2-mile out-and-back trail, practically on your doorstep thanks to your bordering rental cabin, offers a serene escape into the cool embrace of the rainforest. Your starting point is the driveway of our vacation home, turn left toward the entrance to Olympic National Park at Mora and go about 100 yards to the edge of the property on Mora Road.  The trailhead is about 30 feet into ONP.

A Gentle Meander Through the Forest

The beauty of Slough Trail lies in its simplicity. The well-maintained, flat path winds through a towering canopy of spruce trees, with a soft carpet of moss blanketing the forest floor. Sunlight filters through the leaves, creating a dappled light effect that paints the trail with a magical aura. Imagine the crisp scent of the forest filling your lungs and the calming sound of birdsong serenading you on your walk. Keep walking and you will end up at the Mora Ranger Station where you can choose to add another short hike to James Pond from there.

Spotting Wildlife Wonders

Keep your eyes peeled for the abundant birdlife flitting through the trees, and listen for the calming sound of the nearby Quillayute River. Elk frequent this area and often end up in the pasture below the deck at the vacation rental.  Deer, raccoons, coyotes and bald eagles are often seen off the back deck.

A Perfect Nature Break for All Ages

Slough Trail's gentle terrain and short distance make it ideal for all ages and fitness levels. It's a perfect choice for a family outing, a solo nature escape, or a relaxing walk with your loved one. The trail is also open year-round, so you can enjoy its beauty in any season.

Back to Your Relaxing Vacation Home:

After your rejuvenating walk through Slough Trail, head back to your comfortable cabin bordering the park. Share stories of your discoveries, unwind on the porch, and let the peacefulness of the surrounding nature wash away any stress. Slough Trail offers a delightful introduction to the wonders of coastal Olympic National Park, all conveniently located near your cozy home away from home.